Jverge, a free VRML 2.0 node Java class library, The Virtual Light Company. Complete implementation of all VRML 2.0 nodes including Script nodes. PROTO and EXTERNPROTO node structures are not supported. The libraries are independent of the browser used and it’s implementation of the Java interface. If you wish to have them display in the browser then you must supply an instance of the browser reference. Independance from the environment that you are working in. JVerge implements the identical interface for both the internal Java script interface as well as the External Application Interface. If you do not wish to work with the browser then a generic browser/VRML free implementation is also included. Complete faithfullness to the VRML 2.0 specification. Nodes can only have field access during construction. ExposedField and EventOut values can be queried for their current value - direct from the browser. Now including the Collision node’s proxy field. Correct VRML syntax is implemented by using Java class mechanisms to enforce correctness at compile time. Complete Scene graph output capability to whatever stream you want. One call to the writeToFile method with your required PrintStream and the output is dumped for the scene graph under that node. Very handy for debugging and also creating VRML editors. For example you could open a streamed source like a TCP Socket to a remote host and directly dump your VRML output. DEF/USE automatically supported in the output. If you pass the one node reference to multiple places in the scenegraph, JVerge will detect this and automatically DEF the first node instance and then provide corresponding USE statements for the rest of the output. Enforces the scoping rules applied by the VRML node structure. You cannot add the wrong childtype node to another node. It follows the VRML 2.0 spec to the letter. You can, for example, add a WorldInfo node as a child of a Transform.

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