GRTensor II is a computer algebra package for performing calculations in the general area of differential geometry. Its purpose is the calculation of tensor components on curved spacetimes specified in terms of a metric or set of basis vectors. The package contains a library of standard definitions of a large number of commonly used curvature tensors, as well as the Newman-Penrose formalism. The standard object libraries are easily expandable by a facility for defining new tensors. Calculations can be carried out in spaces of arbitrary dimension, and in multiple spacetimes simultaneously. Though originally designed for use in the field of general relativity, GRTensorII is useful in many other fields. GRTensor II is not a stand alone package, but requires an algebraic engine. The program was originally developed for MapleV.GRTensorII runs with all versions of Maple, Maple V Release 3 to Maple 11. A limited version (GRTensorM) has been ported to Mathematica. GRTensor II and related software and documentation are distributed free of charge as an aide for both research and teaching.

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