The AIM@SHAPE Shape Repository is a shared repository populated with a collection of digital shapes. It is an integral part of the e-Science framework of tools and services for modeling, processing and interpreting digital shapes, developed within the AIM@SHAPE project. Our goal is to include a variety of standard test cases and benchmarks, so as to enable efficient prototyping as well as practical evaluation on real-world and large-scale shape models. The emphasis is on `certified shapes’ whose properties are additionally reflected in accompanying metadata specifed by shape ontologies developed by the AIM@SHAPE consortium. Incorporation of shape processing tools from the AIM@SHAPE Software Repository currently allows us to automatically extract metadata from certain shape categories. Additionally, we now offer some shape cateogires in multi-resolution format. Supported shapes can be downloaded at the desired Level of Detail (LOD) and file format. You can use the menu frame on the left to view and download models from the repository. Registered users can upload new shape models, and can see their profile page. Please consult the FAQ and news page for more information.