The Pareto Archived Evolution Strategy (PAES) is a multiobjective optimizer which uses a simple (1+1) local search evolution strategy. Nonetheless, it is capable of finding diverse solutions in the Pareto optimal set because it maintains an archive of nondominated solutions which it exploits to estimate accurately the quality of new candidate solutions. Three versions, (1+1), (1+lambda) and (mu+lambda)-PAES have been developed. Each of these versions has been tested against two well known multiobjective evolutionary algorithms - the Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm (NPGA) and a nondominated sorting GA (NSGA). Tests were carried out using five test functions (f2-f6) and results have been processed using statistical techniques introduced by Fonseca and Fleming. C code for each of the test functions and the statistical techniques are available below. Please drop me an email if you use any of these resources.

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