The package geoR provides functions for geostatistical data analysis using the software R. This document illustrates some (but not all!) of the capabilities of the package. The objective is to familiarise the reader with the geoR’s commands for data analysis and show some of the graphical outputs which can be produced. The commands used here are just illustrative, providing basic examples of the package handling. We did not attempt to perform a definitive analysis of the data-set used throughout the exemples neither to cover all the details of the package capability. In what follows: the R commands are shown in slanted typewriter fonts like this, the corresponding output, if any, is shown in typewriter fonts like this. Typically, default arguments are used for the function calls and the user is encouraged to inspect other arguments of the functions using the args and help functions. For instance, to see all the arguments for the function variog type args(variog) and/or help(variog). (Source:

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