ARMCI: a portable remote memory copy library for distributed array libraries and compiler run-time systems The purpose of the Aggregate Remote Memory Copy (ARMCI) library is to provide a general-purpose, efficient, and widely portable remote memory access (RMA) operations (one-sided communication) optimized for contiguous and noncontiguous (strided, scatter/gather, I/O vector) data transfers. In addition, ARMCI includes a set of atomic and mutual exclusion operations. The development ARMCI is driven by the need to support the global-addres space communication model in context of distributed regular or irregular distributed data structures, communication libraries, and compilers. ARMCI is a standalone system that could be used to support user-level libraries and applications that use MPI or PVM. Development of ARMCI has been supported by the DoE2000 Global Arrays project, EMSL, and recently by the Center for Programming Models for Scalable Parallel Computing.

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