The PPRN package was developed in the Statistics and Operations Research Dept. at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain), by Jordi Castro and Narcís Nabona. The package is appropriate for solving single/multicommodity network flow problems with linear/nonlinear objective function and with/without linear side constraints. Thus it can be viewed as a general package for solving a high variety of network flow problems (though it was originally designed for solving nonlinear multicommodity problems with side constraints). The code has been tested comparing its performance against other codes. When solving pure linear network flow problems, it has proved to be faster than alternative codes like NETFLO (J. Kennington) or RELAX-IV (D. Bertsekas) in all cases tried of a battery of dimacs problems. When solving linear multicommodity problems its performance was in general better, though not in all the cases tested, than that of MCNF85 (J. Kennington). For nonlinear problems it has only been compared with general purpose packages like MINOS (Murtagh and Saunders) and PPRN always outperformed it.

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