Kernel-Machines.Org software links Kernel-Machines.Org Frontpage: This page is devoted to learning methods building on kernels, such as the support vector machine. It grew out of earlier pages at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and at GMD FIRST, snapshots of which can be found here and here. In those days, information about kernel methods was sparse and nontrivial to find, and the kernel machines web site acted as a central repository for the field. It included a list of people working in the field, and online preprints of most publications. Nowadays, this no longer makes sense, partly because the field is very popular, so there are too many people and papers to make such lists useful, and partly because search engines do the job much more conveniently. But what really forced us to do a major update of the site was the fact that spammers discovered our site, and it was no longer possible to operate a system which was built on the trust that people who submit an entry do so to improve the quality of the site.

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