KASH/KANT is a computer algebra system (CAS) for sophisticated computations in algebraic number fields and global function fields. It has been developed under the project leadership of Prof. Dr. M. Pohst at Technische Universität Berlin. KANT is a program library for computations in algebraic number fields, algebraic function fields and local fields. In the number field case, algebraic integers are considered to be elements of a specified order of an appropriate field F. The available algorithms provide the user with the means to compute many invariants of F. It is possible to solve tasks like calculating the solutions of Diophantine equations related to F. Furthermore subfields of F can be generated and F can be embedded into an overfield. The potential of moving elements between different fields (orders) is a significant feature of our system. In the function field case, for example, genus computations and the construction of Riemann-Roch spaces are available.

This software is also referenced in ORMS.

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Further publications can be found at: http://page.math.tu-berlin.de/~kant/publications.html