The program calculates the density (pdf), cumulative distribution function (cdf), and quantiles for a general stable distribution. These routines are based on the formulas in ”Numerical calculation of stable densities and distribution functions”, J. P. Nolan, Commun. Statist.-Stochastic Models, 13(4), 759-774 (1997). Also included is a version of Chambers, Mallows and Stuck’s algorithm to generate stable random variates. It also performs maximum likelihood estimation of stable parameters and some exploratory data analysis techniques for assessing the fit of a data set. This work is described in the paper ”Maximum likelihood estimation of stable parameters”, J. P. Nolan, in the book Levy Processes, Ed. by Barndorff-Nielsen, Mikosch and Resnick, Birkhauser, 2001 (currently on my webpage).

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