KNITRO is a solver for nonlinear optimization. It is the most powerful and versatile solver on the market, providing three state-of-the-art algorithms. The broad range of behaviors exhibited by nonlinear problems makes this an essential feature. KNITRO is designed for large problems with dimensions running into the hundred thousands. It is effective for solving linear, quadratic, and nonlinear smooth optimization problems, both convex and nonconvex. It is also effective for nonlinear regression, problems with complementarity constraints (MPCCs or MPECs), and mixed-integer programming (MIPs), particular convex mixed integer, nonlinear problems (MINLP). KNITRO is highly regarded for its robustness and efficiency. KNITRO provides a wide range of user options, and offers interfaces to C, C++, Fortran, Java, AMPL, AIMMS, GAMS, MPL, Mathematica, MATLAB Microsoft Excel, and LabVIEW. Continuing active development and support ensures that KNITRO will remain the leader in nonlinear optimization.

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