CMPL (<Coliop|Coin> Mathematical Programming Language) is a mathematical programming language and a system for mathematical programming and optimization of linear optimization problems. The CMPL syntax is similar in formulation to the original mathematical model but also includes syntactic elements from modern programming languages. CMPL is intended to combine the clarity of mathematical models with the flexibility of programming languages. CMPL executes the COIN-OR OSSolverService, GLPK, Gurobi, SCIP and CPLEX directly to solve the generated model instance. Since it is also possible to transform the mathematical problem into MPS, Free-MPS or OSiL files, alternative solvers can be used. CMPL is written in C++ and is available for most of the relevant operating systems (Windows, OS X and Linux). The CMPL distribution contains Coliop which is an (simple) IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for CMPL. It is written in Java and is as an integral part of the CMPL distribution. CMPL and Coliop are open source projects licensed under GPLv3. Since release of version 1.8, the CMPL package contains also pyCMPL and CMPLServer. (Source: