TORSCHE Scheduling Toolbox for Matlab is a freely (GNU GPL) available toolbox, mainly dedicated for the utilization and development of the scheduling algorithms. TORSCHE has been developed at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Control Engineering. Scheduling is a very popular discipline which importance is growing even faster in recent years. However, there is no tool which can be used for a complex scheduling algorithms design and verification. Therefore, our main goal was to develop such tool as a freely available toolbox for the Matlab environment. The final version of our toolbox covers the following areas of scheduling: scheduling on monoprocessor/dedicated processors/parallel processors, cyclic scheduling and real-time scheduling. Furthermore, particular attention is dedicated to graphs and graph algorithms due to their important interconnection with scheduling theory. The toolbox offers transparent representation of scheduling/graph problems, various scheduling/graph algorithms, a useful graphical editor of graphs, an interface for Integer Linear Programming and an interface to TrueTime (MATLAB/Simulink based simulator of the temporal behaviour). The toolbox is supplemented by several examples of real applications. The tool is written in the Matlab object oriented programming language and it is used in Matlab environment as a toolbox. (Source:

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