LEO-II is a standalone, resolution-based higher-order theorem prover designed for fruitful cooperation with specialist provers for natural fragments of higher-order logic. At present LEO-II can cooperate with TPTP compliant first-order automated theorem provers such as E, SPASS, Gandalf and Vampire. World Champion 2010: LEO-II was the winner of the THF division (automation of higher-order logic) at CASC-J5. At CASC-J23 in 2011 LEO-II finished second in the THF division. Moreover, at CASC-J5 and CASC-23 LEO-II did also participate in the first-order divisions FOF and CNF and performed reasonably well. LEO-II has been the first theorem prover that supports THF, FOF and CNF syntax. LEO-II is implemented in Objective CAML and its problem representation language is TPTP THF.

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