Computer algebra system (CAS). Magma is a large, well-supported software package designed for computations in algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry and algebraic combinatorics. It provides a mathematically rigorous environment for defining and working with structures such as groups, rings, fields, modules, algebras, schemes, curves, graphs, designs, codes and many others. Magma also supports a number of databases designed to aid computational research in those areas of mathematics which are algebraic in nature. The overview provides a summary of Magma’s main features. One of the aims whilst developing Magma is to maintain extensive documentation describing the features of the system. This handbook is available online. The documentation section should help introduce new users to the Magma language. Magma is distributed by the Computational Algebra Group at the University of Sydney. Its development has benefited enormously from contributions made by many members of the mathematical community. We encourage all users to report any bugs they find; regular patch fixes are available from the downloads section.

This software is also referenced in ORMS.

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