PPower4 is used to post process presentations in PDF format which were prepared using (La)TeX to add dynamic effects. The PDF files can be created with pdf(la)tex, v(la)tex or with standard LaTeX and then converted to PDF with dvipdfm. It is recommended to use the widely available Acrobat Reader from Adobe to view the results, because other viewers do not implement some of the special features. Given this you have to keep in mind, that PPower4 can only provide those effects, which are implemented in the reader. The post processing software is written in Java and it is free (refer to the GNU general public license). It has been run successfully with Java 1.2.x and better on different flavours of Unix, Win32 and the Mac. The older version which had limited features and could also be used with kaffe is no longer supported. (Source: http://freecode.com/)