MATCONT: Matlab software for bifurcation study of dynamical systems. The study of differential equations requires good and powerful mathematical software. Also, flexibility and extendibility of the package are important. However, most of the existing software all have their own way of specifying the system or are written in a relatively low-level programming language, so it is hard to extend it. In 2000, A. Riet started the implementation of a continuation toolbox in Matlab. The aim of this toolbox was to provide an interactive environment for the continuation and normal form analysis of dynamical systems. In 2002, the toolbox was extended and improved by W. Mestrom. This toolbox was the base of the toolbox we further developed and extended with a GUI and named MATCONT. It contains some features which were never implemented before: continuation of branch points in three parameters, the universal use of minimally extended systems, and the computation of normal form coefficients for bifurcations of limit cycles. The software is free for download at

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