Octave GTK

Octave-GTK: A GTK binding for GNU Octave This paper discusses the problems faced with interoperability between two programming languages, with respect to GNU Octave, and GTK API written in C, to provide the GTK API on Octave.Octave-GTK is the fusion of two different API’s: one exported by GNU Octave [scientific computing tool] and the other GTK [GUI toolkit]; this enables one to use GTK primitives within GNU Octave, to build graphical front ends,at the same time using octave engine for number crunching power. This paper illustrates our implementation of binding logic, and shows results extended to various other libraries using the same base code generator. Also shown, are methods of code generation, binding automation, and the niche we plan to fill in the absence of GUI in Octave. Canonical discussion of advantages, feasibility and problems faced in the process are elucidated. http://arxiv.org/abs/cs/0604073 (Source: http://freecode.com/)

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