GPOPS-II - MATLAB Optimal Control Software. GPOPS-II is the next-generation of general purpose optimal control software. GPOPS-II is a new MATLAB software intended to solve general nonlinear optimal control problems (that is, problems where it is desired to optimize systems defined by differential-algebraic equations). GPOPS-II implements the new class of variable-order Gaussian quadrature methods. Using GPOPS-II, the continuous-time optimal control problem is transcribed to a nonlinear programming problem (NLP). The NLP is then solved using either the NLP solver SNOPT or the NLP solver IPOPT. GPOPS-II has been written by Michael A. Patterson and Anil V. Rao and represents a major advancement in the numerical solution of optimal control problems. GPOPS-II is available at NO CHARGE TO MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA OR ANY U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION. All others are required to pay a licensing fee for using GPOPS-II. (Source:

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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