MATISSE is a free MATLAB toolbox for safety verification and reachable set computation of large dimensional, constrained linear systems. Matisse is based on the framework of abstracting linear systems using approximate bisimulation relations [1,2,3,4]. Contrary to the usual notions of system equivalence and refinement based on language inclusion or exact bisimulation relations, approximate bisimulation relations do not require the behavior of a system and its abstraction to be exactly the same. Approximate bisimulation relations aim in capturing the most significant characteristics of a system dynamics and neglect less important ones. The degree of approximation is given by the precision of the approximate bisimulation. This precision notably provides a bound of the distance between the trajectories of a system and of its abstraction. Approximate bisimulation based abstraction is particularly useful for the safety verification problem which consists in checking whether the intersection of the reachable set of the system with an unsafe set is empty or not. If we can check that the distance of the unsafe set to the reachable set of the abstraction of the system is greater than the precision of the approximate bisimulation then it follows that the original system is safe. The more robustly safe a system, the more approximations are possible which confirms the intuitive fact that the verification of robustly safe systems should be easier.

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