CMQV+: an authenticated key exchange protocol from CMQV Ustaoglu presents a secure and efficient key exchange protocol named CMQV, based on the design rationales of HMQV and NAXOS. Compared with the latter two protocols, on the one hand, CMQV achieves higher performance than HMQV, and on the other, it is proven in the eCK model to be as secure as NAXOS. However, CMQV enjoys the security proof under gap Diffie-Hellman assumption as indicated by its creators. In this paper, we propose a variant of CMQV, called CMQV+, which is proven secure under a weaker assumption (i.e. computational Diffie-Hellman assumption) in the eCK model with random oracles while maintaining the high-performance feature of CMQV as much as possible.

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