GMAC: an overlay multicast network for mobile agent platforms The lack of proper support for multicast services in the Internet has hindered the widespread use of applications that rely on group communication services such as mobile software agents. Although they do not require high bandwidth or heavy traffic, these types of applications need to cooperate in a scalable, fair and decentralized way. This paper presents GMAC, an overlay network that implements all multicast related functionality -- including membership management and packet forwarding -- in the end systems. GMAC introduces a new approach for providing multicast services for mobile agent platforms in a decentralized way, where group members cooperate in a fair way, minimize the protocol overhead, thus achieving great scalability. Simulations comparing GMAC with other approaches, in aspects such as end-to-end group propagation delay, group latency, group bandwidth, protocol overhead, resource utilization and failure recovery, show that GMAC is a scalable and robust solution to provide multicast services in a decentralized way to mobile software agent platforms with requirements similar to MoviLog.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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