PSPCLink: A cooperation between general symbolic and Poisson series processors Poisson series appear frequently in problems of nonlinear dynamics and celestial mechanics. The size of such mathematical objects makes their manipulation by means of general symbolic processors (GSP) inefficient. Special processors named Poisson series processors (PSP) have been created to handle them in a more efficient way. We propose a way to combine the flexibility and easy use of GSPs with the power of PSPs. Using the communication tool MathLink, we produced PSPCLink to connect Mathematica with PSPC, a PSP of our own creation. PSPCLink is a set of C-files and a Mathematica package. Compiling the C-files, we created an executable program to be called from Mathematica. With PSPCLink we use the PSPC functions in a way completely integrated into Mathematica taking advantage of the good properties of both Mathematica and PSPC.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.