Efficient expression templates for operator overloading-based automatic differentiation Expression templates are a well-known set of techniques for improving the efficiency of operator overloading-based forward mode automatic differentiation schemes in the C++ programming language by translating the differentiation from individual operators to whole expressions. However standard expression template approaches result in a large amount of duplicate computation, particularly for large expression trees, degrading their performance. In this paper we describe several techniques for improving the efficiency of expression templates and their implementation in the automatic differentiation package { t Sacado} [{it E. T. Phipps} et al., Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. Eng. 64, 351--362 (2008); {it E. T. Phipps} and {it D. M. Gay}, Sacado automatic differentiation package (2011), url{}]. We demonstrate their improved efficiency through test functions as well as their application to differentiation of a large-scale fluid dynamics simulation code.