DynaView: general dynamic visualization model for SHM We present a general dynamic visualization model named DynaView to construct virtual scenes of structural health monitoring (SHM) process. This model consists of static, dynamic, and interaction submodels. It makes the visualization process dynamic and interactive. By taking an example of a simplified reinforced concrete beam structure model, we obtain raw data through the examination. We conduct the effective general and practicable assessment of structural damage conditions based on fuzzy pattern recognition to compute the assessment results. We construct the DynaView model of the sample structure and visualize it. The instance indicates that DynaView model is efficient and practically applicable.

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  1. Sun, Peng; Wu, Ziyan; Hua, Qingyi; Li, Zhanhuai; Kang, Muning: DynaView: general dynamic visualization model for SHM (2012)