PaladinRM: Software for Visualization and Management of System Requirements In systems engineering circles, it is well known that requirements management capability improves the likelihood of success in the team-based development of complex multidisciplinary systems. Two key elements of this capability are an ability to identify and manage requirements during the early phases of the system design process. This is when errors are cheapest and easiest to correct. Methodologies for the team development of system-level architectures need to support the following activities: Partitioning the design problem into several levels of abstraction and viewpoints suitable for concurrent development by design teams. These teams may be geographically dispersed and mobile. Coordinated communication among design teams. Integration of the design team efforts into a working system. Evaluation mechanisms that provide a designer with a critical feedback on the feasibility of system architecture, and make suggestions for design concept enhancement. Throughout the development process, teams need to maintain a shared view of the project objectives, and at the same time, focus on specific tasks. It is the responsibility of the systems engineer to gather and integrate subsystems and to ensure ensure that every project engineer is working from a consistent set of project assumptions.

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