Upcoming Features of SPLAT-VO in Astroinformatics. During last decade was developed fully automatized (robotic) class of telescopes, that produce huge amount of data per each night. Amount of recorded data is usually in the scale of petabytes. To process properly all data and select an important events it is needed to use sophisticated software methods and algorithms. It caused an appearance of a new field of science - astroinformatics. In this paper we introduce a small part of our contribution to the astroinformatics field - a specialized software SPLAT-VO. It is used for processing and visualization of astrophysical data generated by nonlinear, complex or even chaotic processes in the space. Overview of new features so far prepared for new version of SPLAT-VO. The overview is focused on enhancements of user experience, work with SAMP protocol and other interoperability that improves work with global list of spectra, plot window and analysis menu.

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  1. Šaloun, Petr; Andrešič, David; Škoda, Petr; Zelinka, Ivan: Upcoming features of SPLAT-VO in astroinformatics (2013) ioport