PolyTop: a Matlab implementation of a general topology optimization framework using unstructured polygonal finite element meshes. We present an efficient Matlab code for structural topology optimization that includes a general finite element routine based on isoparametric polygonal elements which can be viewed as the extension of linear triangles and bilinear quads. The code also features a modular structure in which the analysis routine and the optimization algorithm are separated from the specific choice of topology optimization formulation. Within this framework, the finite element and sensitivity analysis routines contain no information related to the formulation and thus can be extended, developed and modified independently. We address issues pertaining to the use of unstructured meshes and arbitrary design domains in topology optimization that have received little attention in the literature. Also, as part of our examination of the topology optimization problem, we review the various steps taken in casting the optimal shape problem as a sizing optimization problem. This endeavor allows us to isolate the finite element and geometric analysis parameters and how they are related to the design variables of the discrete optimization problem. The Matlab code is explained in detail and numerical examples are presented to illustrate the capabilities of the code.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.