STEX+: a system for flexible formalization of linked data. We present the STEX+ system, a user-driven advancement of STEX --- a semantic extension of LATEX that allows for producing high-quality PDF documents for (proof)reading and printing, as well as semantic XML/OMDoc documents for the Web or further processing. Originally STEX had been created as an invasive, semantic frontend for authoring XML documents. Here, we used STEX in a Software Engineering case study as a formalization tool. In order to deal with modular pre-semantic vocabularies and relations, we upgraded it to STEX+ in a participatory design process. We present a tool chain that starts with an STEX+ editor and ultimately serves the generated documents as XHTML+RDFa Linked Data via an OMDoc-enabled, versioned XML database. In the final output, all structural annotations are preserved in order to enable semantic information retrieval services.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.