Protected Interactive 3D Graphics Via Remote Rendering. Valuable 3D graphical models, such as high-resolution digital scans of cultural heritage objects, may require protection to prevent piracy or misuse, while still allowing for interactive display and manipulation by a widespread audience. We have investigated techniques for protecting 3D graphics content, and we have developed a remote rendering system suitable for sharing archives of 3D models while protecting the 3D geometry from unauthorized extraction. The system consists of a 3D viewer client that includes low-resolution versions of the 3D models, and a rendering server that renders and returns images of high-resolution models according to client requests. The server implements a number of defenses to guard against 3D reconstruction attacks, such as monitoring and limiting request streams, and slightly perturbing and distorting the rendered images. We consider several possible types of reconstruction attacks on such a rendering server, and we examine how these attacks can be defended against without excessively compromising the interactive experience for non-malicious users.

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