DeltaEC: Design Environment for Low-amplitude ThermoAcoustic Energy Conversion. DeltaEC can predict how a given thermoacoustic apparatus will perform, or can allow the user to design an apparatus to achieve desired performance. DeltaEC is useful to researchers in physical acoustics and especially thermoacoustics. The code numerically integrates a one-dimensional wave equation appropriate to a user-defined geometry in a user-selected gas or liquid. DeltaEC is capable of handling complex geometric configurations and specialized acoustic elements including resonators, duct networks, and complete thermoacoustic engines, electroacoustically driven thermoacoustic refrigerators, and thermoacoustic mixture separators. Source code for DeltaEC is not available to the public. We have instead made executable code available for common computers. Compiled DeltaEC executable files, example files, and release notes are available for the platforms listed in the column to the left.

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