MCNP-A General Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code. Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code (MCNP) is a software package for simulating nuclear processes. It is developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory since at least 1957 with several further major improvements. It is distributed within the United States by the Radiation Safety Information Computational Center in Oak Ridge, TN and internationally by the Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris, France. It is used primarily for the simulation of nuclear processes, such as fission, but has the capability to simulate particle interactions involving neutrons, photons, and electrons. ”Specific areas of application include, but are not limited to, radiation protection and dosimetry, radiation shielding, radiography, medical physics, nuclear criticality safety, detector design and analysis, nuclear oil well logging, accelerator target design, fission and fusion reactor design, decontamination and decommissioning.”

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