The rbMIT © MIT Software package implements in Matlab® all the general RB algorithms. The rbMIT © MIT Software package is intended to serve both (as Matlab® source) ”Developers” — numerical analysts and computational tool-builders — who wish to further develop the methodology, and (as Matlab® ”executables”) ”Users” — computational engineers and educators — who wish to rapidly apply the methodology to new applications. (”End-Users” of Worked Problems will also make use of the package, but in ”blackbox” fashion.) Requirements are (i) some but not extensive knowledge of both FE methods and RB methods, (ii) Matlab® Version 6.5 or newer on some reasonably fast platform, (iii) the Matlab® symbolic, pde, and optimizaton toolkits, and (iv) agreement to rbMIT © MIT usage, distribution, and citation terms and conditions upon download.

This software is also referenced in ORMS.

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