The HOOPS/3dGS library has a wide range of functionality. You can find the most common HOOPS/3DGS functions listed here in the brief index. If you can’t find the function you are looking for, you can visit see the Full Index. Additionally, the reference manual contain separate sections for stand alone window event handling (Events) and Intermediate Mode (I.M.). As of HOOPS 3DF 19, most of the K, Q and QK variants of the HOOPS/3DGS functions have deprecated. If you are using any of these functions in your code, please check the full reference index to see if they have been deprecated. If your code uses any of the deprecated functions, you can successfully compile against the latest version of HOOPS Visualize by including the header hc_legacy.h in your files. Note that we recommend that you review your code to determine if some minor changes can be made so that your application uses the support non-variant version of the function. For example, the functions with K variants now return an key.

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