UNICASE Trace Client

UNICASE Trace Client: (Semi-) Automatic Tracing of Requirements and Code During Development for Small and Medium Enterprises. Corporations are constantly making progress in their efforts towards traceability in software development. One challenge faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is to create traceability links between requirements and code [1], e.g. to use them to prove to their customers that they implemented all requirements. However, these links are often created after development [2], which can, for example, result in increased costs and development time. In [3], we presented an approach to (semi-) automatically create links between requirements and code during development using artifacts from project management. Based on this approach, we developed the lightweight tool UNICASE Trace Client (UTC) [4]. It is an extension to the model-based CASE tool UNICASE [5], which is an Eclipse plug-in developed in an open-source project. As SMEs prefer tools supporting multiple aspects of software development, e.g. requirements, project management and code, UTC is particularly suited for them. In this paper, we introduce UTC and describe why it is valuable for SMEs

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