Dieharder: A Random Number Test Suite. Dieharder is a random number generator (rng) testing suite. It is intended to test generators, not files of possibly random numbers as the latter is a fallacious view of what it means to be random. Is the number 7 random? If it is generated by a random process, it might be. If it is made up to serve the purpose of some argument (like this one) it is not. Perfect random number generators produce ”unlikely” sequences of random numbers -- at exactly the right average rate. Testing a rng is therefore quite subtle. dieharder is a tool designed to permit one to push a weak generator to unambiguous failure (at the e.g. 0.0001% level), not leave one in the ”limbo” of 1% or 5% maybe-failure. It also contains many tests and is extensible so that eventually it will contain many more tests than it already does. If you are using dieharder for testing rngs either in one of its prebuilt versions (rpm or apt) or built from source (which gives you the ability to e.g. add more tests or integrate your rng directly with dieharder for ease of use) you may want to join either or both of the dieharder-announce or the dieharder-devel mailing lists here. The former should be very low traffic -- basically announcing when a snapshot makes it through development to where I’m proud of it. The latter will be a bit more active, and is a good place to post bug reports, patches, suggestions, fixes, complaints and generally participate in the development process.