Iterative solution with AGgregation-based algebraic MultiGrid. AGMG implements an aggregation-based algebraic multigrid method. This method solves algebraic systems of linear equations, and is expected to be efficient for large systems arising from the discretization of scalar second order elliptic PDEs. The method is however purely algebraic and may be tested on any problem. No information has to be supplied besides the system matrix and the right-hand-side. AGMG comes either as a function that may be called from Matlab environment, or as a Fortran 90 subroutine that may be linked with an application program. Both versions have been designed to be easy to use by non experts (in a black box fashion). The Matlab version accepts real and complex matrices, whereas the Fortran version is available in the four standard arithmetics (real, double precision, complex, double complex). A Fortran 90 parallel implementation is also provided.

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