ASP at work: an ASP implementation of PhyloWS This paper continues the exploration started in [O. R. P. Bininda-Emonds (ed.), Phylogenetic supertrees. Combining information to reveal the tree of life. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers (2004; Zbl 1060.68083)], aimed at demonstrating the use of logic programming technology to support a large scale deployment and analysis of phylogenetic data from biological studies. This application paper illustrates the use of ASP technology in implementing the PhyloWS web service API -- a recently proposed and community-agreed standard API to enable uniform access and inter-operation among phylogenetic applications and repositories. To date, only very incomplete implementations of PhyloWS have been realized; this paper demonstrates how ASP provides an ideal technology to support a more comprehensive realization of PhyloWS on a repository of semantically-described phylogenetic studies. The paper also presents a challenge for the developers of ASP-solvers.

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  1. Le, Tiep; Nguyen, Hieu; Pontelli, Enrico; Son, Tran Cao: ASP at work: an ASP implementation of PhyloWS (2012)