Algorithm 756: a MATLAB toolbox for Schwarz-Christoffel mapping. The Schwarz-Christoffel transformation and its variations yield formulas for conformal maps from standard regions to the interiors or exteriors of possibly unbounded polygons. Computations involving these maps generally require a computer, and although the numerical aspects of these transformations have been studied, there are few software implementations that are widely available and suited for general use. The Schwarz-Christoffel Toolbox for MATLAB is a new implementation of Schwarz-Christoffel formulas for maps from the disk, half-plane, strip, and rectangle domains to polygon interiors, and from the disk to polygon exteriors. The toolbox, written entirely in the MATLAB script language, exploits the high-level functions, interactive environment, visualization tools, and graphical user interface elements supplied by current versions of MATLAB, and is suitable for use both as a standalone tool and as a library for applications written in MATLAB, Fortran, or C. Several examples and simple applications are presented to demonstrate the toolbox’s capabilities.

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