GridFlow: Workflow Management for Grid Computing. Grid computing is becoming a mainstream technology for large-scale distributed resource sharing and system integration. Workflow management is emerging as one of the most important grid services. In this work, a workflow management system for grid computing, called GridFlow, is presented, including a user portal and services of both global grid workflow management and local grid sub-workflow scheduling. Simulation, execution and monitoring functionalities are provided at the global grid level, which work on top of an existing agent-based grid resource management system. At each local grid, sub-workflow scheduling and conflict management are processed on top of an existing performance prediction based task scheduling system. A fuzzy timing technique is applied to address new challenges of workflow management in a cross-domain and highly dynamic grid environment. A case study is given and corresponding results indicate that local and global grid workflow management can coordinate with each other to optimise workflow execution time and solve conflicts of interest.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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