pde2path - a Matlab package for continuation and bifurcation in 2D elliptic systems. pde2path is a free and easy to use Matlab continuation/bifurcation package for elliptic systems of PDEs with arbitrary many components, on general two dimensional domains, and with rather general boundary conditions. The package is based on the FEM of the Matlab pdetool, and is explained by a number of examples, including Bratu’s problem, the Schnakenberg model, Rayleigh Benard convection, and von Karman plate equations. These serve as templates to study new problems. The basic algorithm is a one parameter arclength-continuation, including a parallel computing version. Stability calculations, error control and mesh-handling, and some elementary time-integration are also supported. The continuation, branch-switching, plotting etc are performed via matlab command-line function calls guided by the Auto style.