Hondo II A finite element computer program for the large deformation dynamic response of axisymmetric solids. HONDO is a finite element method computer program designed to calculate the large deformation elastic and inelastic transient dynamic response of two dimensional solids. To accommodate a wide variety of applications, finite strain calculations are incorporated. Spatially, the program employs a four node isoparametric quadrilateral element. In time, the program performs the integration using a central difference method time integrator. Since the time integration scheme is only conditionally stable with respect to step size, the program continuously monitors the step size and adjusts it to keep the calculation stable. The program contains five material subroutines covering elastic, viscoelastic, elastic-plastic, crushable foam, and soil behavior. Initial conditions on velocity but not displacement are allowed. Pressure loadings are allowed. Thermal loads are not implemented. The program functions entirely in core, and because no stiffness matrices are calculated and stored, rather large problems are easily accommodated.