Gurobi Mex

Gurobi Mex: A MATLAB interface for Gurobi. Gurobi Mex is a free MATLAB interface for Gurobi 2, 3, and 4 written by Wotao Yin with contributions by Jon Dattorro, Imre Polik, and Tomáš Strnad. It calls Gurobi to solve linear/quadratic/mixed-integer optimization problems. Gurobi offers free trial and free academic license. This interface is open source and subject to Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. It is a tool for MATLAB users to quickly call Gurobi. Its source code may also serve as a starting point for those who want to develop a customized MATLAB interface for Gurobi. It is not trivial to write a good interface (it is about two thousand lines of code). If you find this interface useful, please credit it in your publications [bibtex] [Endnote] [text], as this will motivate the author to keep the interface up to date with the latest Gurobi, as well as improving its functions and making it easier to use.

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