Analytical modeling of active magnetic bearing geometry. The aim of this paper is to present a new graphical approach to the shape design of the active magnetic bearing (AMB) stator. The AMB is a tool to levitate the rotor without contact. The standard design method uses a computer-aided design (CAD) software in the modeling process. Therefore the designed AMB shape consists of graphical primitives like lines and arcs with fixed properties. For the advanced interdisciplinary analysis of the AMB construction the shape generation and modifications ought to be done automatically. The proposed method is based on mathematical analysis and representation of the AMB stator by curves. Second and third order Bézier curves given in polynomial and rational form are compared to the circle and arc based arcs. The fitting quality is considered for the selection of the appropriate arc representation. The obtained shapes are ready to be used in the magnetic field analysis and optimization procedures to find an optimal form of the AMB construction. The author’s experience in modeling and vector graphics was a motivation to look at the AMB construction from mathematical and programming point of view. The AMB components are modeled with parametric curves under constraints defined by the AMB static and dynamic properties. Such a described 2D or 3D model can be generated automatically in a programming way for a wide range of AMB configurations in further research. Selected configurations are presented to show features of the proposed method and realized algorithm. The selected features of the proposed solution as well as feedback from industry are discussed

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