GeoFramework: Coupling multiple models of mantle convection within a computational framework. Solver coupling can extend the capability of existing modeling software and provide a new venue to address previously intractable problems. A software package has been developed to couple geophysical solvers, demonstrating a method to accurately and efficiently solve multiscale geophysical problems with reengineered software using a computational framework (Pyre). Pyre is a modeling framework capable of handling all aspects of the specification and launching of numerical investigations. We restructured and ported CitcomS, a finite element code for mantle convection, into the Pyre framework. Two CitcomS solvers are coupled to investigate the interaction of a plume at high resolution with global mantle flow at low resolution. A comparison of the coupled models with parameterized models demonstrates the accuracy and efficiency of the coupled models and illustrates the limitations and utility of parameterized models.

Keywords for this software

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