Algorithm 812: BPOLY: An object-oriented library of numerical algorithms for polynomials in Bernstein form. The design, implementation, and testing of a C++ software library for univariate polynomials in Bernstein form is described. By invoking the class environment and operator overloading, each polynomial in an expression is interpreted as an object compatible with the arithmetic operations and other common functions (subdivision, degree, elevation, differentiation and integration, composition, greatest common divisor, real-root solving, etc.) for polynomials in Bernstein form. The library allows compact and intuitive implementation of lengthy manipulation of Bernstein-form polynomials, which often arise in computer graphics and computer-aided design and manufacturing applications. A series of empirical tests indicates that the library functions are typically very accurate and reliable, even for polynomials of surprisingly high degree. (Source: http://dl.acm.org/)

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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