LOWESS: This durable set of base routines, written in Fortran in the late 1970s, are widely used. They smooth just as a function of one predictor for data with normal errors or for data with long-tailed symmetric errors (robust fitting). Statistics for inference are not computed. S-Plus, R, Systat, XploRE, Gauss, and SAS have interfaces to LOWESS. LOWESS base software from netlib. SAS macro from Michael Friendly. LOWESS was introduced in Visual and Computational Considerations in Smoothing Scatterplots by Locally Weighted Fitting. W. S. Cleveland. In Computer Science and Statistics: Eleventh Annual Symposium on the Interface, pages 96-100. Institute of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1978. Robust Locally Weighted Fitting and Smoothing Scatterplots. W. S. Cleveland. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 74:829-836, 1979. Computational methods were developed in LOWESS: A Program for Smoothing Scatterplots by Robust Locally Weighted Fitting. W. S. Cleveland. The American Statistician, 35:54, 1981. and implemented in the above base software.

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