MetaModel: a program for modelling and control analysis of metabolic pathways on the IBM PC and compatibles. MetaModel is a user-friendly program for calculating steady-state fluxes and metabolite concentrations of metabolic systems on the IBM PC and compatible computers. For any steady state that is obtained, one can then calculate a matrix of elasticity coefficients at that steady state, or a matrix of control and response coefficients. It thus offers a simple way to calculate the control structure of a pathway: it provides not only an educational tool that allows the student to verify empirically the classic summation relationships of metabolic control analysis but also a research tool for addressing ‘what if?’ questions about the behaviour of metabolic systems. Results can not only be printed or stored in a file, but can also be written to a special file that can be read by popular spreadsheet programs, thereby giving access to rapid, flexible and powerful methods for subsequent analysis and plotting of these results.

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