Geometric Parametric Study of a Fan Blade Cascade Using the New Parametric Flow Solver Turb’Opty. The newly developed parameterized CFD solver Turb’Opty™, based on a Taylor series expansion to high order derivatives of the solutions of the discretized Navier-Stokes equations, has been successfully extended to the geometric parameterization of an engine cooling fan blade cascade. It involves the development of a pre-processor Turb’Mesh™ that smoothly parameterizes the reference grid for the selected three parameters: the stagger angle, the pitch and the chord length. Comparisons with direct Turb’Flow™ CFD results have validated the accuracy of the parameterized solutions obtained by a simple polynomial reconstruction around a reference solution with respect to the three geometric parameters for a first order expansion with respect to each parameter for a variable turbulence. Cross correlation between the pitch and the chord variations have also validated the consistency of the parameterization.