Seesoft – a tool for visualizing line oriented software statistics. The Seesoft software visualization system allows one to analyze up to 50000 lines of code simultaneously by mapping each line of code into a thin row. The color of each row indicates a statistic of interest, e.g., red rows are those most recently changed, and blue are those least recently changed. Seesoft displays data derived from a variety of sources, such as version control systems that track the age, programmer, and purpose of the code (e.g., control ISDN lamps, fix bug in call forwarding); static analyses, (e.g., locations where functions are called); and dynamic analyses (e.g., profiling). By means of direct manipulation and high interaction graphics, the user can manipulate this reduced representation of the code in order to find interesting patterns. Further insight is obtained by using additional windows to display the actual code. Potential applications for Seesoft include discovery, project management, code tuning, and analysis of development methodologies.

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